Get trustworthy campaign data

Succes with online marketing across an increased number of platforms is the cornerstone of succesful businesses. Optimizing marketing spent is crutial and requires insigths into performance of each campaign. But creating and managing tracking codes is complex and burdensome. Our campaign manager makes it as easy and automated as it should be.

The Adobe Analytics user will most likely use 'cid' or 'cmp' whereas Google Analytics users will be familiar with UTM parameters.  Our Campaign Manager ensures that tracking codes are added to your campaign links in a consistent manner, such that time can be spend on analyzing instead of cleaning data.

  • No more spreadsheets to manage your campaigns or create tracking URL’s
  • Our cloud based service ensures 100 % correct tracking on all campaigns across any channel and source
  • You’ll never again spent money on campaigns without knowing the results in your analytics
  • Automatic SAINT classifications to Adobe Analytics
  • Marketing will always use approved tracking
  • Analytics team shall never again clean campaign data in your analytics software before they can analyze
  • Saves time for everyone – from marketing to analytics to management
  • Predefined value schema ensures consistent tracking code generation by marketers

Create tracking code

Marketing can easily create the tracking code they need

Automated classification

Tracking codes are automatically classified in Google Analytics or Adobe Analytics

Report and optimize

Your reports and optimization will now be based on accurate campaign traffic, both in channel and custom reports

Code storage in cloud

Codes are accessible from everywhere. You can even download filtered campaign reports.

Link validation

To ensure accurate data, your URLs are automatically validated.

Google - AND Adobe Analytics

Integrates with both Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics

Improve your roi

Improving your ROI by tracking your online marketing activities is well known. But getting an up-to-date insight into performance isn’t as easy as it sounds. It requires excellent tracking, so you get clean channel and campaign reports. See below illustrations of how a clients channel report looked before and after they began to use our Campaign Manager. After 1 month (Other) traffic decreased by over 90%.

acctutics optimization

* Example using Google Analytics. The same scenario applies for Adobe Analytics and other tracking providers.


Short URLs
Short your campaign URL in one click. No copy-paste to another tool.

Easy campaign creation
Create single campaigns through a form or multiple campaigns through an excel upload.

Add more campaign parameters
No limit on campaign parameters, add as many as you require.

Marketing saves time
Save time building the campaign URL.

Customize access
For users only doing e.g. facebook marketing with predefined parameters.

Analysts save time
Save time cleaning your data set.

100 % accurate
Each campaign is forced to a predefined syntax and automatically classified accordingly in your analytics software (e.g. Google/Adobe Analytics).

Third party access
To media agencies and affiliates. Third parties can create validated links aligned with your campaign parameters. Save time and money coordinating tracking URLs.

Flexible setup
Campaign parameters are set up specific to your needs and can be changed on-the-fly to serve any updates to your campaign structure

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