Do you track snaps?

For years Snapchat hasn’t allowed marketers to ad links to snaps. It has, thus, been difficult to analyse the effect of snapchat marketing. This summer, however, this changed and Snap Inc. now allows marketers to include links to snaps. A link will open in a Snapchat browser, as we know it from Facebook.

Including Snapchat in your webanalytics will allow for better understanding of its ability to drive traffic. So start measuring the effect of Snapchat by including links with tracking parameters. Remember to update your social sources in your analytics software (e.g. Google Analytics or Adobe Analytics) to include snapchat.

Below is a short guide on how to include a link to a snap. We suggest that you use a short URL service to shorten your links. It will make it easier when you type or paste in the landing page URL with all tracking parameters.

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  1. Take your snap. Note that the paperclip doesn’t show until you take a photo or record a video.

  2. Tap on the paperclip on the right-hand-side of the screen. A new screen with a field for an URL will pop up. Type in the landing page you like to link to. NOTE! Using a short URL domain will make it easier to type or paste the landing page URL including all tracking parameters.
  3. A preview will load. Look for the “Attach to Snap” button at the bottom of the screen and click it (”Tilføj til Snap” in Danish, see picture)
  4. Click the send arrow to sent the snap to your friends. The link will appear when the snap is sent to your friends.
  5. To open a link in a snap, simply swipe up. You’ll see an arrow with a CTA at the bottom of the snap.

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