Classification importer

All your campaign data automatically classified

Get unique and consistent campaign tracking across all advertising sources with automatic metadata classification for Adobe Analytics.
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Classification Importer

Save endless hours spent on manual classification

Seamless automation does all the heavy lifting for you by adding platform-specific metadata such as ad group, keyword, placement, and creative names to all your campaigns in Adobe Analytics. Campaign metadata flows as expected into your analytics, helping you eliminate time and errors from manual data entry.

Classification Importer - Save time
Classification Importer - Enriched insights with data breakdowns

Enriched insights with data breakdowns

Slice & dice data the way you want it by adding specific 1-1 reporting breakdowns for each marketing platform in Adobe Analytics. The flexible metadata taxonomy enables you to track campaigns at a more granular level and better understand the impact of a specific media platform.

Enforce data governance 
and data quality

Standardized classification formats align campaign tracking conventions across your team and organization. Paid, owned, and earned media channels such as Facebook or Google Ads now use the same universal nomenclature, increasing marketing data quality and making data easier to use.


Automated campaign tracking

Metadata classifications without manual work, utilizing automated macros

Standardized taxonomy

Consistent tracking conventions across all your campaigns, teams, and markets

100% tracking coverage

Get complete tracking coverage of all your campaigns

Platform-specific breakdowns

Break down activities on campaign, ad group, or individual level

Up-to-date campaign reporting data

See changes take effect in Adobe Analytics while updating your marketing activities

API integrations

Enjoy complete access to any dimension or metric available from the API of a data source

How it works

Cost Importer Extract

1. Extract

Your marketing-specific reporting labels for campaigns, ad groups, and ads are automatically extracted. You no longer have to manually log in and download reports with labels and IDs to do the stitching.
Cost Importer Transform

2. Transform

Your reporting labels are automatically process and delivered in the correct format for your analytics platform or data warehouse.
Cost Importer Load

3. Load

Dive deep into Adobe conversion or ROI reports by using breakdown levels that you know from your advertising platforms, all in one single place. Or have Accutics import the data into your data warehouse for advanced modeling.


Easy configuration and maintenance

Accutics will handle the integration, setup and validation of your data.

Taxonomy auditing 

Get your campaign tracking taxonomy reviewed and monitored to find and fix issues fast

Enriched tracking

Get an ad name set for your paid search with dynamic tracking

Enterprise onboarding

Guided market-by-market onboarding to eliminate weeks of setup and fear of downtime

24/7 support

Email, in-app and phone support (on request) 

Geo-based data warehouse

Choose your data warehouse in Europe or United States with a recurring delivery schedule

Admin training

Get the ins and outs of advanced user governance and tracking enrichment with personalized sessions

Expert best practices

Stay ahead of the curve & build expertise with best practices from marketing analytics experts

Enterprise service-level agreement  (SLA)

Customized service-level agreement to meet your company’s reuirements
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