Long-term insights

Better customer journey mapping

Safari's ITP 2.1 and Firefox will automatically limit the expiration of your first-party cookies set client-side to seven (7) days - overriding your current setup and making it difficult to validate conversion paths and allocate marketing budget wisely. Cookie Saver enables you to stay on top of your personalization and get better visitor insights.


One complete solution for all your cookies

Get all your first-party cookies covered by one scalable solution hosted on one of the world's largest cloud networks- giving you high performance, best-in-class security, and worldwide coverage. No need to implement and maintain multiple solutions to keep your cookie data intact.


Extend the life of all your cookies

ITP 2.1 affects and dramatically reduces the lifetime of many of your existing cookies that currently have an expiration of over 7 days. This covers cookies from analytics platforms such as Adobe Analytics and Google Analytics, remarketing cookies from Facebook or cookies set by your site, and even your cookie-disclaimer cookie.


Skip your internal IT department

Cut down the time, costs, and brain power used in the creation of one or more solutions for each of your cookies by involving your IT department. Built for marketers, Cookie Saver is set up quickly with step-by-step guidance. So you can focus on your marketing without worrying about ITP 2.1.

How to get started

01. Sign up

Get an overview of the share of your traffic that is affected by a shorter cookie lifetime due to ITP 2.1.

02. Configure

Set up a subdomain that will be used with Accutics Cookie Saver, e.g. cookiesaver.mycompany.com

03. Deploy

Add the Accutics Cookie Saver tag to your Tag Manager and publish. Your cookies are now safe from ITP 2.1.


Keep status quo

Continue working as if ITP 2.1 never happened

No coding needed

Easy setup using your Tag Manager and a subdomain to your current domain

Simple solution

Deployed in the cloud for the highest scalability and performance

Not browser specific

Possibility to extend solution to other browsers than Safari and Firefox

All in one

Efficiently manage all your cookies in one place

Highly configurable

Custom events for manual triggered cookie updates

Get to know Cookie Saver

Eliminate the risk of ITP 2.1

Keep making informed decisions by tracking your customers and their conversion paths without losing insights.