Cost Importer

Serving you accurate, actionable campaign data

Accutics – your marketing data governance partner – ensures an accurate, up-to-date lake of all your marketing data made automatically available. Increase your ROI with actionable insights based on validated, cleaned marketing data made immediately available to you


We Extract

Performance data is automatically extracted from all of your ad platforms. You no longer have to manually log in and download reports.


We Process

We make sure the data has the correct format for your analytics or data warehouse provider by transforming date format, performing currency conversion and much more.


You Analyse

You now have a single complete overview of your data, ready for your analysis in your analytics platform and/or data warehouse. Optimize your ad spend and watch your ROI increase!


Your data in the format you need
The same data can be represented in many different formats and differs between different ad platforms, analytics platforms and data warehouses. The data loader can spare you the details by automatically transforming data form the source format to the target format. That includes date formating, currency conversions, extracting query parameters from URLs and much more. No more error-prone manual fiddling in spreadsheets.

Split and Combine

Creating a complete dataset

The data loader allows data to be split up by any dimension, such as market, and loaded into different targets, i.e. tables in a data warehouse, data sets in Google Analytics, data sources in Adobe Analytics etc.

Data from multiple different sources can also be combined and loaded into the same target, given you all your ad performance data in one convinient table – we can even add source, so you can se which data came from where.


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