Data Warehouse

All your marketing and advertising data at your fingertips

Created for marketers and analysts alike, we integrate data from all your marketing, media, and ecommerce platforms and make it available where you want it. Our off-the-shelve data warehouse makes it easy to tap into your data.


We extract
Our pre-build data connectors are linked to your accounts on the platforms you wish to extract data from. We automatically extract the data sets you wish. You no longer have to manually log in and download reports.


We process and load
We make sure the data has the correct format for your data warehouse provider by transforming data format and much more. Once piped through our service, we delete your data automatically.


You Analyse

You now have a clean automatically updated data stack that are ready for your analysis. Optimize your marketing with new data driven insights.

All media, marketing and ecommerce platforms

From all your sources
We are continuously breaking down data silos by connecting all the platforms you use in one, so you can easily tap into all your data. We hold, maintain and continuously expand an extensive library of preconfigured connectors that integrate your data without you having to write a single line of code. All your data at your fingertips in a secure, easy and flexible way without big development investments.

Get your data where you want it

We can make data available in any destination platform or tool you wish. Feed it to your data warehouse, ingest it to your business intelligence tool, a dashboard solution, a spreadsheet or any other tool.
Data Warehousen - ETL or ELT (1)

Extract Transform Load or Extract Load Transform?

ETL or ELT, we got your back
Going for ETL or ELT is your choice and may vary from source-to-source. Across sources, data is often messy and inconsistent making it a hazzle to join and enrich data without transformation. To counter it, our highly flexible engine allows a variety of powerful data processing rules configured to your needs. Eliminate inconsistency in data by applying our Tracking Code Creator for all your marketing and align data easily across all sources to provide comparable, accurate data.

Bypass your internal IT department

A Data Warehouse build for marketing
We are deeply specialized in marketing platforms and data and know that getting fast, efficient and in-dept assistance from internal IT is difficult at best. We are proud to be the external IT department for marketers. No more waiting on internal IT due to lack of attention, skills or budget. Gain access to all your data with our pre-build connectors.


Data from any destination
If data is available, we guarantee that we tap it automatically. We e.g. extract via APIs, email reports, from databases, (S)FTP, feeds, web services or internal applications.
Reading all file formats
Data is stored in all sorts of formats. We can process any file format whether it holds structured or unstructured data. We process e.g. .json, .xml and spreadsheets.
Scheduled to your needs
Manage how often you want us to update your data. Use predefined templates or apply your own configuration to make it suit your needs.
GDPR Compliant
The General Data Protection Regulation is highly prioritized by all our customers. Our data processing is scrutinized and confirmed compliant by world leading enterprises.
No maintenance
Platform access is frequently updated, and data is continuously made available in new ways. We are seamlessly adapting our connections and processing rules at no cost for you.
We speak marketing
We have many years of experience both as analytics consultants and as end users and we know how difficult it can be to explain marketing and get them translated into the solution and platform that you require. With our knowledge and experience you are in safe hands.

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