New Product Names at Accutics

We are changing the names of our products to Accutics Standardize, Accutics Connect, Accutics Validate to better convey their functionality and make the process of using our tools for trustworthy data easier.
Sep, Mon 12, 2022

We are changing our product names to better reflect the value that the Accutics platform provides. Here is how: 

At Accutics, we believe that data should be available to as many people as possible and that requires products that are accurate and provide clear functionality and value.

This is why we are changing the names of our products - to convey the functionality they provide, and to make it easy to follow the process of using our tools to achieve trustworthy data.

When you start working with the Accutics platform there are three natural steps to get the optimal value out of our platform – and your data:

Validate your campaign data

And we want our product names to mirror that journey.

Our new product names are: 

  • Accutics Standardize
  • Accutics Connect
  • Accutics Validate

Accutics Standardize

Accutics Standardize is the place where you create a standard for your data and structure your setup so that everyone in your organization can create reliable and clean campaign data.

It houses your taxonomy and is the hub where you can create tracking codes, naming conventions, and classifications. In Accutics Standardize you design the workflows that enable you to standardize, govern, and connect your campaign metadata across every team and channel from a single platform.

If you are a previous user you might know this product as “Tracking Code Creator” - but it can do so much more.

Tracking Code Creator - Metadata Governance Made Easy

Accutics Validate

When all your data is being collected and follows the standards you have defined, you of course need to validate that all of your platforms and teams are using your campaign tracking conventions.

With Accutics Validate you can validate that your standards and definitions from your taxonomy are being used across your organization – so you can start trusting your data.

This way you can make sure that all teams, agencies, and platforms are tracking your marketing activities in the same way and start reducing ineffective advertising spend.

Health Check - campaign data validation tool

Accutics Connect

When your data structure is in place you need to connect all your different media platforms and import all the data you utilize to make sure that every aspect of your ad spend is covered.

This is where Accutics Connect comes in. With Accutics Connect you can integrate with all the major media platforms and get unmatched visibility into campaign costs, clicks, and impressions - automatically extracted, transformed, and delivered to your platform of choice.

If you are a previous Accutics user you might know this product as "Cost Importer".

Cost Importer - Accutics

When we founded Accutics in 2017 we set out to launch a pioneering platform in online marketing data governance and a company they would like to work for.

And since then we have helped international enterprises and brands upgrade their marketing data setup.

This change will hopefully help even more companies get value from the Accutics platform in the future.

The Accutics team

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