Tracking code creator

Optimize with actionable campaign data

Our fully automated hassle-free tracking code creator ensures you get true detailed insights from all your campaigns.



In seconds, marketers can create a unique, accurate tracking link for Adobe Analytics and Google Analytics. Without any tracking expertise, the marketer’s link will conform to the agreed naming convention and be automatically classified.



With the click of a button, the marketer can immediately deploy the tracking link. Once deployed, we monitor the link to ensure the landing page exists and that tracking is rightfully collected by your web analytics tool.



Reporting is now fast and easy with accurate, sufficient data about each campaign’s performance across channels. Fast, accurate reporting gives actionable insights to act on and increases your ROI.

Know your true numbers

Restore trust in your reports
With accurate, consistent tracking, you will have no more unknown campaign traffic to your website. No more questioning your reports. You will have detailed performance reports immediately available upon your request, so you can confidently reallocate and optimize your marketing spend across channels and markets.

Fastest Time to Value

Optimize working hours

Your employees and consultants are wasting time. Have them focus their energy on creating value from your marketing spend. No more time wasted coordinating tracking, gathering and storing tracking codes across marketers in a joint spreadsheet, manually classifying, or cleaning bad traffic data. Costs are reduced, significantly.


Marketers’ preferred tool

Simple and user-friendly

Marketers love our user-friendly service. They can forget all about the hassle of using complex spreadsheets and, instead, focus all their energy on preparing and executing great campaigns. With unique, validated links, they can easily report on their numbers and gain new insights from the data to better optimize their next campaign.

Easy, fast reporting

With data you trust
Compatible with both Adobe and Google Analytics, we ensure all your website traffic is correctly grouped and readily accessible. Reporting time will be fast and based on accurate, identifiable traffic numbers across marketing channels. Our campaign manager is set to match your specific requirements for tracking code values and include automated SAINT classification.
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Tracking Code Creator - Best in Data Governance

Best in data governance

Campaign data beyond tracking codes

Our combination of tools is set to eliminate all flaws in your campaign data. By adding extra services to our campaign manager, we cover your campaigns in 360° by e.g. identifying previously launched campaigns lacking tracking or with faulty tracking, or constantly validating all campaign landing pages to ensure they exist and have correctly implemented tracking.


Tracking codes stored in the cloud

Access and manage all tracking codes in one place anytime and anywhere. The cloud unites tracking codes from all marketers across channels and markets in one place and eliminates faulty or outdated spreadsheets in your organization.

Ongoing link validation

When deploying a link, marketers check that the landing page exists and holds tracking. We continue to monitor this after deployment to make sure you do not refer traffic to a non-existant page and avoid gaps in tracking generated traffic.

Hide tracking variables
Accutics will autogenerate a tracking code with a unique ID you can deploy in your marketing. Through our integrations with Adobe Analytics & Google Analytics, we translate the ID with the designated tracking variables.
Third party access

Grant access to your media agencies and affiliates. Third parties can easily create validated links aligned with your tracking requirements. It will save you the time and money previously invested in coordinating, and you will know their exact performance.

Configured to you

Our setup is fully flexible and can include as many parameters as you need in your reporting. Once set up, you can update them anytime without support from Accutics. Any changes are immediately live for all users.

Integrated short URL

On social media and in offline marketing, long tracking links are inefficient. With the click of a button, we create a short URL immediately ready for you to deploy. To increase click rate, we even offer a branded short URL using your domain.


Pricing depends on whether you use Google Analytics (free), Adobe Analytics, or Google Analytics 360, as the available services vary according to your analytics platform.


Startup Fee

3.499 DKK

License fee

Fixed price: 2.999 DKK

Per. month billed annually *

Google Analytics 360

Startup Fee

4.499 DKK

License fee

Starts at: 2.999 DKK

Per. month billed annually *

Adobe Analytics

Startup Fee

4.499 DKK

License fee

Starts at: 2.999 DKK

Per. month billed annually *

* The price may increase depending on the number of users that need access and how many tracking codes are generated yearly.


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