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Analytics Fireside Chat: Ian Thomas, Publicis Spine

Diana Daia
January 23 · 9 min read

How to align marketing KPIs with campaign performance & analytics

Alexander Montium-Åberg
November 28 · 5 min 30 sec read

How to distill behavioral data to support marketing KPIs

Robert Børlum-Bach
November 11 · 5 min read

Analytics Fireside Chat: Wojciech Zak, Aller Media

Diana Daia
November 11 · 7 min read

Last-touch Attribution: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Diana Daia
November 04 · 5 min read

Martech Fireside Chat: David Ledstrup, Marvelous Nordic

Diana Daia
October 29 · 5 min read

Martech Fireside Chat: Melanie Chapman, Jellyvision

Diana Daia
October 21 · 6 min read

5 tips to building your data layer

Josh West
October 14 · 6 min read time

The 2020 Digital Marketing Glossary

October 11 · 14 min read

Martech Fireside Chat: Jennifer Montague, TwentyThree

Diana Daia
September 24 · 8 min read

Analytics Fireside Chat: June Dershewitz, Twitch

Diana Daia
July 11 · 5 min read

3 reasons why spreadsheets are bad for campaign tracking codes

Kasper Rasmussen
June 19 · 3 min 20 sec read

Analytics Fireside Chat - Casper Rouchmann, Templafy

Diana Daia
June 05 · 6 min read

ITP 2.1 Web Analytics Health Check

Sebastian Mørch
June 04 · 3 min 30 sec read

Tag Management Architecture: Marketing Pixel Orchestration

Alban Gérôme
June 03 · 5 min read

Three takeaways from Adobe Summit EMEA 2019

May 22 · 3 min read

Martech Fireside Chat: Taylor Ryan,

Diana Daia
May 07 · 8 min read

Five ways ITP 2.1 is impacting your marketing

Diana Daia
May 06 · 3 min read
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