Drive marketing precision with complete campaign data

Best-in-class marketing data management platform to streamline campaign tracking, combine campaign data, and assess campaign performance across all sources in Adobe Analytics and Google Analytics.
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Accutics: Drive Marketing Precision With Complete Campaign Data
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Campaign Metadata Governance Made Easy

Tracking Code Creator

Standardize, govern and connect campaign metadata across every team and channel from a single platform.
  • Create unique tracking codes effortlessly without any spreadsheets
  • Gain 360-degree campaign insights with enriched tracking and consistent naming conventions
  • Deliver accurate reports based on cleaned and readily accessible campaign data
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Tracking Code Creator - Metadata Governance Made Easy
Cost Importer - Accutics
Bring your cost data together, automatically

Cost Importer

Gain unmatched visibility into campaign costs, clicks, and impressions - automatically extracted, transformed, and delivered to your platform of choice.
  • All your cost and traffic data is automatically combined and imported without error-prone spreadsheets
  • Campaign metrics from hundreds of sources are seamlessly cleaned, mapped, and grouped 
  • Timely report-ready campaign data is ingested into your go-to reporting, analytics, or storage platform.
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your campaign data, automatically classified

Classification Importer

Get unique and consistent campaign tracking across all advertising sources with automatic metadata classification for Adobe Analytics.
  • Save endless hours spent on the manual classification of campaign data
  • Standardize classification formats to align with company-wide campaign tracking conventions.
  • Slice & dice campaign data by adding specific 1-1 reporting breakdowns for each marketing platform
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Classification Importer

Helps reach consistent campaign tracking

"Accutics helps companies avoid mistakes and reach consistent campaign tracking for their different business units and agencies. The simple interface and good structure enable a good start for everyone."

Anna Graef
Anna Graef Consultant Data & Analytics

Huge visibility into the impact of our campaigns

"Accutics is giving our business huge visibility into the impact of our campaigns. It’s phenomenal in the level of detail that this gives us now and how easy it is to manage."

Tim Coleman
Tim Coleman Head of Digital, Defence Recruiting Group at Capita

Key for a clean campaign tracking foundation

"Accutics has had a key role in the creation of a clean data foundation for campaign tracking. Being able to shape and optimize the taxonomy and add more structure in the way that we work with campaign tracking has been really helpful."

Samantha Gowran Farrier
Samantha Gowran Farrier E-commerce & Performance Analyst

Super easy to use

"Tracking Code Creator is super easy to use, I can recommend it to everyone. The ones that need tracking codes, simply log in and do it. It takes 30 secs to create a click tag, so it makes sense to use the platform all the time.”

Mathias Lykke
Mathias Lykke CRM Manager

Increased our paid search ROI

"Having our AdWords spend imported by Accutics to Adobe Analytics - on multiple levels down to keywords - has made our optimization more effective and increased our paid search ROI"

Patric Sebastian Møller Head of Paid Media & Search

A must-have when working with campaign data

"Accutics brings high value to any company that is working with data to evaluate their campaign performance. It's a must-have if you are working with campaign data."

Rune Grønvaldt Hansen Head of Digital

Seamlessly connected with your existing systems

The best platforms work better together. We are integrating with over 40 advertising and data analytics platforms to help you achieve a truly omnichannel experience.
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