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All your marketing data, automatically combined

Know your true marketing ROI with unmatched visibility into campaign costs, clicks, and impressions - automatically extracted, transformed, and delivered to your go-to reporting, analytics, or storage platform.
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Full ROAS insights to drive more profit

Accutics Connect enriches your analytics by automatically collecting and unifying campaign data for better optimization and attribution. With report-ready marketing data at your fingertips, you can confidently assess performance and KPIs, and reveal wasted ad spend.

Cost Importer - Full ROAS insights to drive more profit
Cost Importer - Break down marketing data silos

Break down marketing data silos

Say goodbye to complex spreadsheet formulas and error-prone manual imports. Our powerful engine seamlessly cleans, maps, and groups all campaign metrics from hundreds of sources. Data is automatically ingested into one source of truth — whether that’s an analytics platform, data warehouse, or BI engine.

Automatic metadata classification in Adobe Analytics

Save endless hours spent on manual data entry in Adobe Analytics with automated campaign data classification of platform-specific metadata such as ad group, keyword, placement, and creative names.
Classification Importer

+46% improvement to our click-to-visit ratio within the first 3 months

“Upon discovering Accutics, we found out that 66% of all our paid clicks had tracking issues, either missing tracking parameters or tracking structure inconsistencies. Within the first 3-4 months, we experienced a +46% improvement, as we successfully hit over 97% on our click-to-visit ratio. This has truly been an eye-opener.”

Adam Wanat
Adam Wanat Marketing Analytics Lead

Increased our paid search ROI

"Having our AdWords spend imported by Accutics to Adobe Analytics - on multiple levels down to keywords - has made our optimization more effective and increased our paid search ROI"

Patric Sebastian Møller Head of Paid Media & Search

A must-have when working with campaign data

"Accutics brings high value to any company that is working with data to evaluate their campaign performance. It's a must-have if you are working with campaign data."

Rune Grønvaldt Hansen Head of Digital

Faster time to action

Cut down the time and costs used to process marketing data. By not having to worry about manual data formatting, currency conversion, and data uploads, you free up resources that can be spent on analysis and campaign optimization. 

Integrations without the technical work

Tailor data streams to your specific needs without involving the IT department or writing a single line of code. The intelligent pre-built connectors seamlessly pull data from a myriad of online or offline sources such as advertising channels, affiliate networks, and automatically ingest it into your tool of choice.

Cost Importer - Integrations without the technical work


Native API integrations

Pre-built connectors to all popular platforms such as Adobe Analytics, Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Campaign Manager 360, BigQuery

Automated data transformation

Data is automatically cleaned and structured into a harmonized data set following the same format

Large set of transformation rules

Transformation of data such as lookup tables, string formatting to match the format of your analytics tool of choice

Automated data imports

Data is automatically imported at custom intervals to enable timely reporting

Multiple data destinations

Vast collection of data destinations such as analytics platforms, data warehouse, BI engine, or data visualization tools

Configurable import and breakdown levels

Extract all the available metrics and dimensions from a specific platform or data source

Automatic currency conversion

International currencies are converted automatically according to European Central Bank exchange rates

Historical data import

Import campaign data from any past period upon request

Restricted read-access

Improve conversion by creating on-brand short URLs at the click of a button

How it works

Cost Importer Extract

1. Extract

All campaign costs, clicks, impressions are automatically extracted from any desired data source.
Cost Importer Transform

2. Transform

Data is automatically processed, grouped, and made available in the correct format for the specified destination.
Cost Importer Load

3. Load

Data is automatically loaded and regularly updated into your analytics platform or data warehouse.


Data auditing & validation

Get your campaign tracking taxonomy reviewed to find and fix issues fast

24/7 import monitoring

Continuous supervision and error handing of all data imports to ensure the smoothest flow

Configuration + Q&A

Data testing from each source to ensure that the right data and level of granularity are ready to be matched in the analytics tool

Dedicated customer success team

Timely support to guide you at every step and provide answers to all your questions.

Expert best practices

Stay ahead of the curve & build expertise with sparring from marketing analytics specialists

Geo-based data warehouse

Choose your data warehouse in Europe or United States with a recurring delivery schedule

24/7 support

Email, in-app and phone support (on request) 

Enterprise service-level agreement  (SLA)

Customized service-level agreement to meet your company’s reuirements
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