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Interested in teaming up with Accutics? We partner up with the best in the industry to empower companies to drive more impact with marketing data. Find the partner program that’s best for you.
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Agency Partner Program

We work together with leading media agency partners that share our vision for truly data-driven marketing. The Agency Partner Program is designed to help agencies better serve their customers through best-in-class collaborative enterprise solutions.
  • Spark campaign performance by increasing your customers’ ROAS
  • Boost confidence in marketing data – the basis for future allocation of resources
  • Drive credibility by backing up your strategy with accurate marketing data
  • Gain access to a strong international network of marketers and expert insights
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Web Analytics Partner Program

The Web Analytics Partner Program is for data-driven consultants that provide best-in-breed consultancy for their customers on their MarTech tools, with a focus on campaign data governance, Adobe Analytics, and Google Analytics. As a Web Analytics Partner, you gain data governance opportunities that enable you to enrich your expertise and grow your business.
  • Add a new revenue channel to your business by helping your customers become more data-driven
  • Tap into analytics best-practices for campaign tracking and data management
  • Access use cases to level up and stay ahead of the curve
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