Accutics Standardize

Campaign metadata governance made easy

Get rid of messy spreadsheets with the campaign tracking solution that helps you standardize, govern, and connect campaign metadata across every team and channel.
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Accutics Standardize - Metadata Governance Made Easy
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Consistent campaign tracking conventions

Say goodbye to the hassle of managing your campaign data taxonomy in spreadsheets that fall out of sync. You can now define all campaign tracking codes and UTM links in real time, from one platform. Standardized naming nomenclature ensures a single source of truth for all your campaigns.

Accutics Standardize - Consistent campaign tracking conventions

How it works

01 Create

Generate unique tracking links at scale in just a few clicks - all without worrying about syntax, naming conventions, and SAINT classification.

02 Deploy

Publish campaigns instantly by deploying your tracking links on any advertising channel. Automated monitoring ensures that campaign landing pages are active.

03 Report

Gain unmatched insights from all your advertising channels in Adobe Analytics thanks to clean and accurate campaign data that enables quicker reporting and quicker actions.
Accutics Standardize - Data Governance

Bring your teams together with data governance

The centralized online repository aligns campaign tracking management across different regions and systems. Users, roles, and groups have access to specific metadata, which makes assignment seamless while enforcing company-wide standards.

Easy tracking link creation at scale

Everyone can create error-free tracking links for hundreds of campaigns - with minimal training needed. Predefined input fields and powerful features like bulk upload, automated link validation, and link duplication eliminate countless hours spent on manually applying metadata and troubleshooting human errors.

Accutics Standardize - Easy link creation at scale

A blast for 360-degree campaign insights and removing painful manual spreadsheet processes

"Accutics Standardize is a blast to get a 360-degree view of campaign insights and remove any painful manual spreadsheet processes. The Accutics team is very knowledgeable and helps us get up to speed."

Adélaïde Méal
Adélaïde Méal Head of Data & Analytics

Accutics is a future-proof solution for us

"Accutics is a future-proof solution for us. Without Accutics Standardize, we could have never done proper attribution, and in turn, marketing spend attribution."

Ewa Bajór
Ewa Bajór Senior Adobe Analytics Specialist

Key for a clean campaign tracking foundation

"Accutics has had a key role in the creation of a clean data foundation for campaign tracking. Being able to shape and optimize the taxonomy and add more structure in the way that we work with campaign tracking has been really helpful."

Samantha Gowran Farrier
Samantha Gowran Farrier E-commerce & Performance Analyst

Super easy to use

"Accutics Standardize is super easy to use, I can recommend it to everyone. The ones that need tracking codes, simply log in and do it. It takes 30 secs to create a click tag, so it makes sense to use the platform all the time.”

Mathias Lykke
Mathias Lykke CRM Manager
Accutics Standardize - Fully configurable to meet your needs

Fully configurable to meet your needs

Tailor tracking parameters down to single-user and agency levels from an intuitive and configurable interface. Campaign data flows seamlessly to your analytics platform and data warehouse in real time and matches platform-specific tracking requirements of both upstream and downstream marketing systems.

Increased visibility of campaign ROI and marketing data

Assess campaign performance and allocate ad spend with confidence thanks to campaign data that is correctly collected and readily available in your analytics platform. Consistent tracking parameters reduce the dreaded 'unspecified' data bucket while enabling timely reporting based on richer insights.
Accutics Standardize - Increased visibility of campaign ROI and marketing data


Bulk creation

Create or upload multiple campaign tracking codes in one go

Multiple input field types

Customize your interface with drop-down, auto-complete, multi-select fields, calendar, and checkbox views

URL validation

Ensure that the right final URL is used before launching your campaign with pre-flight validation

User permissions

Control access permissions so admins, analysts, and agencies only see the campaigns they work on and the information relevant to them.

Hide tracking variables

Conceal campaign variables with auto-generated tracking IDs without affecting reporting

Automated campaign URL validation

Verify landing pages automatically to avoid sending traffic to inexistent pages

Campaign data export

Export all your campaign data from Accutics to spreadsheets for easy sharing

Branded short URL

Create branded short URLs at the click of a button to increase click-through rates


View and filter campaign data history by specific channel, input fields, users, teams

Input field presets

Save time with auto-completed templates that you can customize for specific users or teams

Built-in integrations

Pre-built integrations ingest campaign data for Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics and data warehouses (BigQuery) in real time

Custom parameters

Add unlimited tracking parameters to dive deep into the insights you need

Online repository

Safely access and manage all your tracking codes in one place, anytime, anywhere

Encrypted authentication

Keep your data secure with Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and Single Sign-On (SSO) access

Dynamic QR code generator

Generate dynamic QR codes for your campaign tracking links instantly


Personalized onboarding

Guided platform configuration and setup of users, teams, and campaign tracking conventions

Taxonomy auditing 

Get your campaign tracking taxonomy reviewed and monitored to find and fix issues fast

Live Training + Q&A

Get up and running quickly with expert platform training tailored your needs

Enterprise onboarding

Guided market-by-market onboarding to eliminate weeks of setup and fear of downtime.

Admin training

Get the ins and outs of advanced user governance and tracking enrichment with personalized sessions

Geo-based data warehouse

Campaigns are automatically classified to your Adobe Analytics

Enterprise service-level agreement  (SLA)

Customized service-level agreement to meet your company’s reuirements

24/7 support

Email, in-app and phone support (on request) 

Dedicated customer success team

Timely support to guide you at every step and provide answers to all your questions
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