Accutics validate

Validate all your digital campaigns automatically

Get all your marketing campaigns validated against the conventions and formats you have defined. This way, you can ensure that they are always tracked to your specifications.
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Health Check - campaign data validation tool
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How it works

01 Connect

Connect your advertising sources to start scanning. You can choose between multiple media platforms like Facebook, Google Ads or LinkedIn.

02 Create

Create and run your first validation rule to check for new findings and improve your campaign Health Score.

03 Analyze

View and filter through all found campaign errors in the Findings Table. You can enable instant or scheduled email reports for all validation rules in your project.
Campaign name validation

Save time with naming convention validation

Eliminate time-consuming data cleanups with automated validation of campaign naming and tracking. Accutics Validate identifies campaign naming errors and pinpoints where campaigns are not tracked correctly, so you can fix them with minimal effort.

Boost UX with automated landing page validation

Identify which landing pages are not working, while checking if campaign traffic is tracked correctly in your analytics. With timely notifications, you always know when redirect thresholds are exceeded, a page is unavailable, or analytics tracking is not firing.

Health Check Automated Landing Page Validation

Reduce ineffective ad spend with compliance at scale

Continuous campaign performance monitoring ensures that all your campaigns are running as expected.  Accutics Validate automatically checks campaigns against performance metrics like budgets and duration and verifies that the right creatives are displayed for optimal ad spend.



Findings Table

Easily identify and fix issues with a complete error overview of all your campaigns. Deep links enable you to locate and correct them on the fly.

Error details

See why your campaigns have errors and what you need to change in order to improve your Health Score.

Health Score

Know how your marketing setup is truly performing with an aggregated Health Score based on the validation rules you’ve set up.

Customizable validation rules

Monitor what matters most with a customizable setup. Validation rules can have specific applied conditions to filter the data it should run against.

Validate while you sleep

Set up validation rules to run before you start your workday to ensure you have the latest results ready in the platform.

Instant emails

Get instant email reports and stay updated with your latest Health Score and errors for your validation rules.

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