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live webinar
60 mins
September 28, 4 PM CEST

7 Key Metrics to Measure the Value of Analytics

Do you want to get more out of your analytics? Ibrahim Elawadi, Global Director of Marketing Analytics at Philips, is here to help you better grasp the value of analytics through a step-by-step framework for a clearer understanding of how it drives business outcomes.
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Get more value out of Adobe Analytics

Mastering Adobe Analytics with Frederik Werner, part of the Accutics Academy
Accutics Academy

Mastering Adobe Analytics series with Frederik Werner

Do you feel like you know Adobe Analytics, but there's a lot more under the hood? In this bi-weekly educational series, Frederik Werner shares his advanced-level skills to help you get bigger wins and more actionable insights from Adobe Analytics. 

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On-demand webinars

on-demand webinar
60 mins
August 24, 4 pm CEST

From Data Gaps to Data Gold: Achieving Marketing Mix Modeling Success

Join us for a webinar with Nikola Krunic, Media Analyst Lead at Saxo Bank, to find out how to make marketing data work harder for you and turn MMM into a success.

On-demand webinar
60 mins
May 17, 4 PM CEST

Data-Driven Attribution: A Step-By-Step Framework to Measuring Campaign Effectiveness

Get a step-by-step framework to help you better assess how your paid media campaigns are performing and where to allocate your media budget.
on-demand webinar
60 mins
May 17, 9 am PST // 6 pm CET

Adobe Summit 2023: Data Analytics Sessions You Don't Want to Miss

Frederik Werner, Adobe champion and digital analyst expert, and Jerry Helou, VP MarTech Strategies at Softcrylic, are here to give you the easy shortcut to the data analytics sessions you don't want to miss at the upcoming Summit.

On-demand webinar
60 mins
January 19, 3 pm CET

Analytics Is Not An Island: How To Link Data to Business Outcomes

Juliana Jackson, Media.Monks, Jimmy Felstead and Diana Ellegaard-Daia, Accutics, take you through their step-by-step strategy that will help you tie your analytics efforts back to the overall impact on the business.

on-demand webinar
60 mins
April 19, 8:30 am CEST // 4:30 pm AEST

How Campaign Data Anarchy Was Solved at UNSW

Join Adam Wanat - Marketing Analytics Lead at UNSW Sydney, Chris Byrnes - CEO and co-founder of the Australian digital agency Klyp, and Kristian Simonsen - Head of Sales at Accutics, to learn how campaign data chaos was solved for good at a higher education institution.

On-demand webinar
60 mins
March 30, 6 pm CET // 9 am PST

Adobe Analytics Unlocked: Key Capabilities from Adobe Experts

Join Amanda Diamante (Sr. Product Manager Adobe Analytics, Adobe), Frederik Werner, Jimmy Felstead, and Diana Ellegaard-Daia to learn how to drive more value with Adobe Analytics and hear about the key Adobe Analytics capabilities and takeaways from Adobe Summit 2023.

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On-demand webinars

on-demand webinar
60 mins
December 8, 3 pm CET

The Missing Link: Why Is Your Digital Analytics Failing?

Join digital analytics champions Frederik Werner and Kasper Rasmussen to get the full success plan, from strategy to implementation, that will turn your digital analytics from cost to profit driver.

On-demand webinar
45 mins
November 16, 3 pm CET

How Can Data Journalism Help You Trust Your Marketing Data

Uncover what makes enterprises struggle with trusting data and what they can learn from effective data journalism from Nicola Strand and Casper Noreen Frid.

on-demand webinar
45 mins
October 26, 3 pm CET

Where Did My Campaign Click Go?

Are you seeing a big discrepancy between your ad click rate and analytics data? You may be dealing with bots. Join ad fraud researcher Dr. Augustine Fou and Kasper Rasmussen to uncover the underlying reasons for unreliable campaign performance data and low campaign conversion rates.

On-demand webinar
60 mins
September 29, 3 pm CEST

How to Prepare Your Data Collection Architecture for GA4

Learn how to prepare the campaign data taxonomy for your GA4 migration, optimize your data model, and avoid potential data quality issues in future reports.

on-demand webinar
60 mins
September 21, 3 pm CEST

Towards a Unified Marketing Data Model

Join marketing activation expert Dan White and Kristian Simonsen to learn how a unified marketing data model helps you improve marketing performance and ultimately make better marketing decisions.

52 mins
June 2, 11 am EST/ 5 pm CEST

Campaign Tracking Codes: The Critical Key to Accurate Marketing Metrics

Want to level up your campaign tracking knowledge? We've partnered up with Andy Crestodina for an insights-packed session on day 1 of the Content Marketing Marathon brought to you by Smartcat. 

on-demand webinar
57 mins
May 25, 16:00 CEST

Campaign Tracking in Mobile Apps with Adobe Analytics

Adobe is kicking off the inter-continental series on Campaign Tracking with Adobe Analytics. Learn about campaign tracking in mobile apps from  Frederik Werner - DHL, Daniel Tomlinson - Costa Coffee, and Kasper Rasmussen - Accutics.

on-demand WEBINAR
62 mins
May 24, 16:00 CET or On-Demand

How to Build an Enterprise-Level Campaign Taxonomy

Join data governance experts Jimmy Felstead, Station10 and Kasper Rasmussen, Accutics as they take a deep dive into building and aligning an enterprise-grade taxonomy for campaign data.

on-demand webinar
39 mins
April 27, 16:00 CET

Unlock the Power of Dynamic QR Codes

QR codes are making a comeback. But how do they work and how do you measure how they are being used? Join this webinar to learn how to create dynamic QR codes, get inspiring use cases, and find out how to track them effectively.

on-demand WEBINAR
53 mins
March 23, 16:00 CET

Adobe Summit 2022 Wrap-Up: Key Analytics Takeaways & Trends

Get the conference highlights on marketing analytics from Frederik Werner, Adobe Summit speaker, Adobe Analytics Champion and Digital Analytics Specialist at DHL, and Accutics' Kasper Rasmussen.

on-demand webinar
55 mins
February 2, 2022, 16:00 CET

How to Turn Data Insights Into Action

Join Brent Dykes - analytics evangelist and author of Effective Data Storytelling, Kasper Rasmussen, and Kristian Simonsen to learn how to better collect, activate, and communicate marketing data that informs business decisions and paves the path to long-term success.
on-demand WEBINAR
51 mins
January 12, 2022, 16:00 CET

How to Get Better Marketing Data in 2022

Get actionable tactics for better marketing data in 2022 from Andy Crestodina, content marketing expert and co-founder of Orbit Media, Kasper Rasmussen and Kristian Simonsen.
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